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"Light-hearted, I take to the open road,
 I inhale great draughts of space;
 The east and the west are mine,
 the north and the south are mine."
     Walt Whitman - Song of the Open Road
Sunseeker on the Open Road

My wife and I have once again rekindled our keen sense of Wanderlust. We have purchased a new 27' 2018 Forest River Sunseeker 2500ts [right] and will now resume our RV travels, picking up where we left off in late 2016. As life long avid sailors we have traveled all over the US in recent years and sailed some extraordinary locations which you can read about below. We had spent the last five years cruising around the United States in a variety of different RV's, as we visited many interesting destinations, towing our sailboat, a beautiful Catalina 22 MkII (below right), and chasing the warm winds in search of new sailing adventures. We hope you enjoyed traveling along around the country with us online. And now after a brief respite, the adventure continues! Check out this large format Sunseeker photo gallery.

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The Windseeker is a beautiful compact land yacht

The 2018 Forest River Class C Sunseeker 2500ts is an ingenious design. On the road it measures just 27' in length, but it features a rear slide out the back which adds an additional 3' of interior space, making it the equivalent of a 30' motorcoach. Clearly it lacks some of the luxury features of our previous Class A Tiffin Allegro Bus, but it nonetheless offers a great floorplan with all the essential creature comforts, including a full Queen sized bed, a full bath, and a comfortable main cabin with U-shaped Dinette and full kitchen, as well as a second queen-sized bed in the loft above the driver's area. There's a 32" LED TV with DVD player, a compete stereo system, and lots of cabinet space for everything you might want to take along.

The Windseeker interior is spacious and comfortable

First, a bit of history...

In 2017 we sold our beautiful Tiffin Allegro Bus, a 43' luxury diesel pusher (right). If you would like to go back and see this splendid Class A Motorcoach, I have left the Windseeker III Allegro Bus homepage here. We had a grand time traveling all around the US seeing and sailing the far reaches of this great country. And now after a brief hiatus of about 14 months, we decided to wade back into the waters with the new Sunseeker, just not quite as deep this time. We will not be taking long extended tours as we did in the Bus. But we have some favorite spots to sail around the Pacific Northwest like Fernridge Reservoir in Oregon, Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho, and the magnificent Flathead Lake in Montana. We'll also take straight up trips to national parks, as well as road trips towing our car hauler trailer with my MGB onboard.

The Windseeker is a massive luxury land yacht

For seven years, from 2010 to 2016, we owned several different RV's, visiting lakes first in 2010 and 2011 with our compact Lance truck camper, and then in 2012 with our Gulf Stream Bounty Hunter, a unique 40' Motor Coach, also shown at the right. This Class A Motorhome was also a motorized toyhauler, and featured a unique 12' garage bay in the back. This way we were able to carry the perfect companion vehicle for this venture... a little Chevy Geo Tracker, the only 4WD car made which could fit snugly inside the garage bay of the coach, so we could carry it with us while towing our sailboat. With 4WD low range, the little Tracker could pull the Catalina up any boat launch ramp with ease. By all accounts, a pretty neat arrangement!

The original Windseeker - 2008 Gulfstream Bounty Hunter - sold in August 2012

After five months touring in 2012 we enjoyed the lifestyle so much we decided to take it to the next level. Everything in life is a compromise and we knew that the Gulf Stream was the only option where we could travel in one vehicle, tow the boat and carry a 4WD car on board. A larger, more luxurious motorhome, ideal for extended travels, would mean we would have to drive a separate car. After much discussion, we decided it was worth the tradeoff, and we sold the Gulf Stream and purchased a 2008 Country Coach Inspire 360 43' special "Founders Edition". Although we have since sold it and traded up to the new Allegro Bus, we have kept a gallery on this beauty as well as the original brochure which lists all the great features of this mega coach. Someone who saw the coach suggested it warranted having its own zipcode!

The Windseeker II Country Coach was an imposing land yacht - sold in March 2014

After a year and a half of touring in the Country Coach, we just couldn't pass up a golden opportunity in March 2014 to trade up to my dream coach, a Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QRP with four slides, a spacious kingsize bedroom, larger kitchen, fridge, bath, and designed for full time RVing with a commensurate level of quality, comfort, convenience and luxury. And either I towed our Catalina sailboat with the bus, while Libby drove the SUV, or she could tow the boat. Either way, this gave us a more comfortable daily driver for local touring wherever we go, and one that could also comfortably tow the sailboat anywhere we wanted to go. And since most of the hops on our planned 2014, 15 & 16 itineraries would only be a few hours apart, the issue of driving two vehicles was relatively small. We could also take non-boating side trips towing the right car.

The Windseeker from the driver side with the slides pulled out

In the fall of 2011 we took Windseeker I, the Bounty Hunter, on her initial shakedown cruise to Clear Lake, CA with sailboat in tow. In the spring of 2012 we continued our adventures, setting out to explore the great Pacific Northwest, starting with a month at Fernridge Reservoir in Oregon. From there we went on to Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho, Flathead Lake in Montana, and Lake Okanagan in B.C., before returning to Hayden Island Marina in Portland OR for the fall sailing season on the Columbia River. We spent about a month in each place, but always remained flexible, never knowing where the wind might blow us! Therein lies the real adventure.

Arriving at a new lake with the Anne Marie, our splendid Catalina 22

2013 was our year of touring with Windseeker II, the Country Coach. Towing the Suburban we headed south for the winter. with our two indefatigable Westies. We slipped out of Oregon through the mountain passes in January down through California and Arizona for several months on our 2013 itinerary. In spring we drove north again to pick up the sailboat from storage and spent a month sailing Clear Lake CA once again before heading up the Oregon coast (right) to spend another summer at two of our favorite northwestern lakes, Fernridge, and Coeur d'Alene. We had to cut short our trip and skip Flathead Lake, because we got word we had a buyer for our home. So we headed back to Oregon to start packing. We returned to sail all 3 NW lakes in the summer of 2014 as part of our shakedown cruise with Windseeker III, the new Allegro Bus.

The Country Coach at the Oregon Coast near Florence

In late 2014 we had our boat transported the 3500 miles to Florida while we headed across country in the Allegro Bus towing our car to winter at Lake Monroe, Florida near family. Flying home for occasional breaks, our 2015 itinerary took us up the east coast with stops in Savannah GA, Lake Murray SC, and on to Lake George NY, and the St. Lawrence Seaway's Thousand Islands. Heading back down to Florida for another winter, we made stops in L.I., NY, Philadelphia, Asheville, NC and more. Our 2016 itinerary took us back to the Thousand Islands for the summer, as well as Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay in Ontario. With the invaluable aid of Active Captain's Interactive Cruising Guidebook, we traveled in our Allegro Bus with Corey, our intrepid Westie for several years as we explored other new lakes from coast to coast.

Sailing Lake Coeur d'Alene in NW Idaho

Then in February 2018 we decided our future travels could be greatly enhanced if we upgraded our beloved Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 LTZ. The 'Burb was ideal for flat towing with the 2 speed transfer case, and with a V-8 engine, it was also strong enough to pull our boat through the mountains, yet provided a comfortable ride for touring. Now with the new Sunseeker, we decided to retire our trusty Suburban after 6 years of first class service. We traded it in on an almost new Dodge Durango R/T AWD, another flat towable SUV with even more towing power than the good old 'Burb. The R/T is a monster with the Dodge Hemi 5.7L V-8, featuring 360 hp and 390 ft lbs of torque. For more about this slick hot rod, see the Dodge factory Durango Brochure.

After returning home in the late fall 2016, and spending some time at home, I decided to purchase this beautiful white 1980 MGB roadster (right) to enhance the home-life. I had owned a red 1977 MGB for more than 20 years but we just couldn't take the MG with us in our motorhome travels, so reluctantly I sold it. But I have always regretted selling it, and now I have found a worthy replacement... the gleaming white roadster (right). We also purchased an Interstate Cargo Trailers 20' Pro Series Enclosed Car Hauler. We towed this trailer behind our Chevy Suburban so we could haul the MG, bikes and other toys to remote cruising & touring locations and road trips. This made for a series of great summer adventures.

After concluding our extended USA Grand Tour in the splendid Tiffin Allegro Bus, we returned home at Thanksgiving 2016 and decided to spend a year at home enjoying spring and summer in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. But after 15 months, the bug bit us once again, and we decided to buy this beautiful 2018 Forest River Sunseeker 2500ts, a Class C Motorhome on a powerful Ford E-450 Chassis. We'll continue our adventures to distant locales, national parks, and warm winter destinations with the Durango in tow. Our first travel itinerary for 2018 is set. And in summer we can take the sailboat to some favorite northwest sailing spots, or tow the MG in its trailer to some scenic backroads touring spots. Lots of options ahead in the new Sunseeker!

We feel most fortunate to have the time, health, energy, ability and the funds to live the dream. Traveling in our modest truck camper, our king size Gulf Stream Bounty Hunter, our magnificent Country Coach, and the splendid Tiffin Allegro Bus, we met many retired folks living in their motorhomes full-time as they travel around this great country. The lure of this joyous nomadic lifestyle was irresistible. Besides exploring all the wonderful lakes, we've enjoyed discovering many new places and the incredible beauty this great country has to offer. In our new Sunseeker, we'll continue to live and travel in comfort and tow our beloved Catalina sailboat or the MGB in its trailer with us. It seemed like an opportunity we simply could not pass up.

Click to see a full color brochure from Forest River for the 2018 Sunseeker 2500ts

Previous Windseeker Motorhomes

As Walt Whitman so aptly put it in his Leaves of Grass:
Henceforth I ask not good-fortune - I myself am good fortune;
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Strong and content, I travel the open road.

traveling the open road from coast to coast

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